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"I think we should probably stay here, at least for a little while," Penelope muttered, as she tugged on Raina's sleeve in response to her friend's touch.

"I don't know about you two, but the three of us," she gestured to Raina and Ben, "spent the entirety of yesterday walking around, and we're a bit tired. And uh... yeah."

Penelope rubbed her eyes, still slightly puffy from the constant crying. The mascara that had so thoroughly stained her cheeks was finally beginning to fade. If she had a future to look forward to, she would remind herself not to put it on so thick next time. Unfortunately for her and all of her friends, there wouldn't be a next time.

She sniffled, going silent as everyone else continued talking. She had tried to avoid thinking about everything that she would be losing out on. The fact that she had time to reflect and consider the future was the worst part of her dire circumstances. Had she just been blown up, with everything she was and ever would be gone in a single instant, she wouldn't have had time to mourn the life that she wouldn't have been able to live.

But as it stood, she had more than enough time to consider everything she had to lose. All the friends she would never make and all the conversations she would never have, all the food she would never eat and sights she would never see, all the games she would never play and all the code she would never write...

It was easy to just say that she was okay with everything going away. It was easy to say that her life ending so someone else's life could continue was a good thing. But when it came time to pay her dues, to face her own mortality before her life had truly even had a chance to begin, it wasn't so easy to just let everything go. She had only survived this long by ignoring the reality of the situation, by pretending that everything would be alright and refusing to internalize the danger until the bitter end.

But as more time passed, as more of her friends died to the things that went bump in the night, it became harder and harder to ignore the reality that she would soon never be able to laugh or cry or experience anything ever again.

And that scared her.

She leaned her head into Raina, the frown that had formed on her face dissolving as she took comfort in their proximity.

At the very least, she still had her best friend.
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