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Well. That was an accusation that Lily hadn’t expected to hear. She gave Fiyori a confused, slightly disgusted look.

“No. No, we were not. My taste is bad, but it’s not… that bad.” Yes, Caedyn had been a mistake, but she was a million times better than Isabel. One murder and a Best Kill award aside.

She considered the question for a bit. What did she say? What did she leave out? Would they believe her if she left too much out? Would they decide she deserved death too, if she told them everything?

Scout introduced herself and tried to confirm her name.

“Yes. Lily with a y,” Lily said absently.

A little slow on the uptake, it finally clicked. She looked properly at Scout, her eyes narrowed. Scout Pfeiffer. She’d been on the announcements. She’d killed Alvaro. Lily eyed her warily for a moment. Eyed Scout, then then the gun in her hand. Then she looked away.

That could be talked about later, she supposed. Maybe when Scout wasn’t clinging to that gun so tightly. Who knew how she might react?

After a few moments consideration, Lily decided to go minimal with her explanation. It wasn’t as if she owed them anything, anyway.

“I tried to kill Isabel a few days ago. I failed. And for whatever reason, she didn’t kill me. I don’t know why, because she’s killed everyone else who tried. Instead, she just started dragging me along with her and talking at me like this was all normal. Trying to talk about how she felt about things, and starting up casual conversation, and calling me her friend or weird nicknames… like I was a… pet or something.” Lily said the word ‘pet’ with as much disgust as she could muster. “I meant to kill her when she was off-guard. But she rarely let me touch a weapon, and when she did...”

Lizzie was still carved on the back of her eyelids.

“It… wasn’t good,” Lily said quietly.
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