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“Hey Kimiko, nice to meet you. I’m Vanessa, if you didn’t know.”

She flashed a smile, then resumed their awkward silence.

Kimiko, where’d she heard that name before?

She snapped her fingers: that was right! It had been in the morning, repeatedly, over the past few days…

“Wait, shit! You’ve been on the thing!”

Her arm darted forwards, pointing an accusatory finger at the girl she now realised was a serial killer. “A few times! You’ve been doing the thing to the people and - holy shit!”

Not good, not good at all. Even after spending six days on an island where her classmates were dropping like flies, she’d at least had the fortune to only meet mass murderers before they went on their rampages. Kaitlyn was a killer, but that was restricted to just one person, and Vanessa at least knew Kaitlyn in advance.

Killer Kimiko? Complete question mark!

She realised she was still pointing her finger, and quickly pulled it down, letting out a nervous laughter. “Hey, we’re still cool, right?” she raised her hands again, just in case Kimiko had forgotten that they’d agreed she was not armed and not a threat. “No need to put that gun to good use and do anything stupid, eh? I mean, I don’t mind or whatever, really!”

She laughed again, no more natural than before, then caught herself in a realisation.

“The you killing people thing, I mean! I don’t mind that!”

Just in case there was any misunderstanding, because she would mind very much if Kimiko decided to put that gun to good use right now.
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