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((Hazel Jung continued from Jenny From the Block))

Hazel was sitting on the bridge with her legs dangling over the edge and her arms resting on one of the metal beams. She looked to be leisurely resting with her left cheek laying on her arms, looking straight out at the waterway. Her legs swung back and forth lazily. Her jacket was folded up next to her and on top of the jacket she'd neatly placed her sneakers with her socks tucked into them. In the pocket of her jacket, she'd put her hoop earrings.

She looked quite summery wearing her black tank top, capris and looking out blue expanse, though it appeared that the water directly under them wasn't very deep. Hazel had pulled her hair up into a messy bun to try and cover up how dirty it had become.

The sun was probably going to set in two or three hours. At first, they'd been tense. They were waiting for Jeremy at a meeting point that seemed like it would be busy; it was a bridge connecting two parts of the island together. However, no one happened upon them, be it friend or foe.

Because it was quiet, the sounds of nature were amplified. The slight sound of the water, some rustling from nearby plants when the wind picked up, and now that the day was getting on, crickets.

Jordan said something and Hazel's half-closed eyes opened and moved to him. He asked her a question and quickly realized how foreboding it was. It was a heavy question because it held the implication "....if you're the lone survivor" which he'd left off. It also carried with it another implication that Hazel had thought about involuntarily, thought about asking Jordan, and had pushed away from her mind several times. "What happens if we're the only ones left?"

Avoidable for now, but not avoidable forever. Outside of discussing Jeremy's trustworthiness, Jordan and Hazel had managed to keep things light to a near superhuman level. They were both grand champs of avoiding unpleasant topics.

She half-smiled and waved the question away, settling her head back down with the unspoken affirmation that it was as good as forgotten.

"I've never been stood up before," she said.
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