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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"... You couldn't have been that close to her," Scout added, "since you let her die and all."

She let the lanky girl go in first. Scout didn't have a clear look into the room, so she didn't know what Lily was doing. She sure as hell wasn't going to just run headlong into the room. The last time she did that Isabel gave her a gash in her side. The junior glanced at the senior, glanced at her bag. Then she dropped her bag down next to the others. She did not drop the gun.

"I'm Scout. Your name's Lily, right?"

Scout hated introductions. It made her all self-conscious and shit, made her cringe like hell. But she wasn't just introducing herself for the sake of pleasantries. She didn't say 'Scout'. She said 'Scout Pfeiffer'. She was rattling Lily's cage, theoretically speaking. Whether there was a hornet's nest in there or not remained to be seen.
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