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((Jordan Green continued from Jenny From The Block))

They had waited for Jeremy.

How long had they waited? No clue.

Enough time to talk about what seemed like a million small things and for the sun to have clearly made a big arc across the sky and yet neither of them had decided to broach the evermore likely reality that Jeremy wasn't going to show up.

But he'd turned up yesterday, hadn't he. Far later than they'd expected, but he'd still managed to turn up anyway. So maybe it was the same thing all over again, and he was just being absurdly paranoid.

But each passing second still fed that paranoia.

They'd long exhausted any ideas they had on Les Mis, especially after they'd hit a point where the fact that there was no internet, no way for them to check the exact phrasing of the sentence, led to that entire train of conversation. But there were few other things that they did talk about, as if they were both doing this weird dance to avoid entire topics, and the conversation was never serious. Never all that personal. The kind of light, banal talk that schoolyard lunch hours were meant for.

It was familiar, it was comfortable, and yet it was so empty and devoid of meaning.

But what did he want to talk about. More musicals? Maybe something about Hazel instead? That could be- the word wasn't 'nice'. 'Interesting'? Something nebulous in that area anyway.

"So, what were you going to do after graduating? Like, if... " As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he wanted to backtrack. Sure, it was the first question that came to mind, but god, it sounded insenstive to him right now, which clearly meant that he was being insensitive.

"I mean, um, never mind. Just ignore that."
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