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“Right. You too.”

He nodded - smiled - as Alba turned herself back towards him. He sat - watched - as Alba turned herself back around and moved out of sight, his smile maintaining all the way. Would he see her again? He wasn’t quite sure whether he would or not. Part of him wasn’t sure if he wanted to. It was a terrible thing to say, and it wasn’t anything against Alba in particular, but if he had the choice of finally meeting up with the people he was looking for against meeting up with the same people over and over again, wouldn’t it be best that he achieve his goals? He liked Alba. She helped him. He probably gained a little bit more understanding of what was going on here. That was helpful.

He remembered the face of a girl - one he knew, one he was sorta friends with - running away from the beach they were on, out of sight.

He remembered never being able to see that face again.

He’d be happy if he got to see Alba again, he supposed.

It’d have to be later, though. He was supposed to wait here. For Hazel. Jordan as well.

He supposed he could do that.

The dull throb of the bruises on his face were the only thing that could be felt over the wind.

The baseball bat was in his left, again. The Jackhammer was in his right. He’d stood up, leaning against the pillar he was on. He was looking at the sky. It was blue. Clumps of white occasionally but yeah, for the most part blue.

They hadn’t arrived yet.

He didn’t know how long it’d been - no watch - but it’d been a while. He looked at the end of the bridge. They still weren’t there.

He was tired of waiting.

He pushed himself off the pillar. Took his steps forward. They were slowing him down. They were stopping him from getting to other people. There was an entire world out there of people fighting and dying and right now he was stuck on a bridge waiting for two people who weren’t the ones he was looking for to show up.

He needed to move.

And they were slowing him down.

Maybe it was rude, maybe it was mean to them, maybe this was something he needed to think about a lot more before actually making the decision, but he needed to move.

And move he would.

He didn’t look back as he completed his cross over the bridge.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in Miss Atomic Bomb))
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