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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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It was all noted. Don't send any of the people anywhere since Jeremy was moving too many places. The names were Emma Luz, Serena Waters, Alessio Rigano, Clarice Halwood, Jasmine Reed, and Caedyn Miller. Alessio and Caedyn were killers, so she'd have to be cautious around them. But she was sure the others wouldn't be as troublesome. And she had to say hi to Fiyori. She was naturally going to do that, but she'd now do an extra one for Jeremy.

"Okay, I'll be sure to," Alba said to Jeremy, flashing a smile.

Alba started to walk past Jeremy, but stopped. She turned to face Jeremy one last time.

"Please be careful," she said.

Once she said that, she began to pick up the pace, starting to run down the bridge. She could feel the bags bouncing against her back, but didn't mind them. She needed to find Brendan, Fiyori, and whoever else she could. She needed to find those who could relate to her in this place, and those who she could protect. She knew what she had to do now, and for those reasons, Alba continued to run.

((Alba Reyes continued elsewhere))
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