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Well. That was one way to solve the problem, even if it wasn't exactly what Cass had meant. They stared at Jae as he loaded his crossbow; the sound of the bolt sliding into place punctuation for his clear intent to puncture. "...Well, okay then."

They reluctantly got to their feet, riding the wave of assertiveness before it faded and left them passed out in the chair. "Guess it's not really my place to try and talk you out of any of the 'killing' shit, is it?" Cass wasn't even sure anymore if that part bothered them as much as driving Dorothy out alone had. Was revenge more moral then revenge by proxy; just because you were the only person who'd be hurt if you failed? (But it wouldn't be just you, wouldn't it? Trav had fought alone and died alone but Cass still carried the fresh scars on their heart. Had Jae just outlived everyone he was afraid of hurting, or was he simply past the point of caring?)

Murder was still distasteful and Cass still didn't think any of them deserved to die, but as the days wore on it was getting harder to think of any argument against killing people like Isabel other than a vague, lingering sense of wrongness. They hadn't wanted to Trav to kill Jerry, but it wasn't really because they cared if Jerry died or not, was it?

After a certain point, did the blood you'd spilled drown out any worth inherent to your humanity? Even if the killers hadn't chosen to be unceremoniously thrown into hell, how much conscious cruelty did it take for their collateral damnation to become earned? Cass didn't have an answer, and hoped they wouldn't have to find one for a while longer. As it stood, it wasn't like Jae needed to be reminded of the core tenants of his faith by someone who hadn't even had the decency to try for a deathbed conversion.

Cass was starting to sway on their feet again. They leaned back against the door to the bedroom they had initially tripped out of. "Just... try not to do anything worse than dying, alright? I'll be in a corner. Somewhere."
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