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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Say You're One Of Them ))

Jon spent most of the afternoon patching himself up. He had bandaged his face, removed the three hanging fingernails on his left hand and bandaged it all up as well.

It was late at night now, and he just needed a place to rest. Maybe tomorrow that perpetual state of vertigo will leave, or maybe it's a sign he won't even wake up. Who knows anymore?

He decided the cafeteria was as good a place as any to hold out.

He carried the machete and toilet seat as he moved closer to the door.

He really needed to find a better way to hold these things.

He decided this place was as good as any before someone inside let out a scream.

Jon should turn around, but... after all of this he couldn't bring himself to. Maybe he could still help someone, maybe.

He put on the nixon mask, and bolted into the room.
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