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(Minor GMing of Clarice approved)

--there was a slight whoosh, a wet thud, then the sound of someone running away, back down the corridor. Ben crouched to the right of the chair, his left hand resting on it to keep his balance, listening intently for whatever came next. "Uh?" grunted someone.


It was still the girl. It had sounded like she threw something, just after she said she knew it wasn't a trap. And without a warning! Ben raised the boot in his hand, listening to where she was, eyes peeled for her silhouette. He did his best to keep quiet, to control his breathing, but despite his best efforts he shook with adrenaline and fear. This time there would be no talking. This time he was facing someone violent.

Then she started walking, her feet sloshing noisily through the water. She was still between him and the door, but she wasn't coming towards him. Why didn't she turn on her light? Didn't she have one? Had that been the other guy?

"Hey! Hidey guy, whoever you are! You mind turning on your light--", she spoke, but Ben stopped listening: He saw movement. In one fluid motion he stood up, raised his boot over his head and threw it at the girl. A satisfying "Thud" and "Ow" occurred, but Ben was already hobbling towards the door. He managed to get his flashlight out of his pocket, turned it on, and ran. Unevenly, since he only had one boot on, but still pretty damn fast.

(Benjamin Lichter continues in Local Man Convicted Of Suicide)
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