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All nights Alessio had the luck of not being interrupted by someone while sleeping. Every night.

Of course this streak of him not getting murdered while sleepin' was going to end some time (well, if you don't count Michael waking him up from sleep by kicking him unconscious).

Unfortunately the time apparently was now. A girl whose scream sounded familiar had walked in and that scream happened after she used her flashlight to see Al.

And then the light disappeared.

Al couldn't see who it was, but after a couple seconds of staring at the light, blinded by it again, shortly considering playing dead until he realised that he breathed so heavily that she must have seen how his chest went up and down, he stood up only to bump his head against the table.

Now he held both of his hands against his hit head. He knew this pain. It was painful for a moment, but it will go away after resting. But he couldn't rest, because he had to move away from the table to gather some distance from Dot.

Dot. That was the person. The scream.

He couldn't see shit. So he walked across the room, hoping she would go away to not initiate a confrontation.
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