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Vanessa was clearly frustrated by her response. Kimiko could tell from her body language; it spoke louder than perhaps the girls’ own words could have. But there was nothing she could do whatever the reason Vanessa wanted to find Alessio was she couldn't help. She possessed no knowledge of the boys’ whereabouts and hadn't seen him at all during her time awake. There was nothing more she could offer.

Then Vanessa asked another question and this time doubt crept into Kimiko's mind. She had been asked what her name was. She had assumed Vanessa had known who she was but now that it turned out that hadn't been true. Doubt began to creep in immediately, questions of whether or she should answer Vanessa's question truthfully or not.

If the girl had been talking to her the way she had without knowing who she was then there was nothing to say she wouldn't continue to do so once Kimiko revealed her name but at the same time, there was the knowledge of all her previous encounters with people. They all treated her the same apart from a couple of exceptions and there was no guarantee that Vanessa wouldn't be the same as everyone else and become aggressive or try to force her out of the room.

Should it have come to that Kimiko did have the gun and that would probably be enough to dissuade any attempt at an attack.

In a piece of irony that wasn't lost on her Kimiko couldn't bring herself to lie to Vanessa about her name. There were a few factors, both moral and cultural but it felt wrong to her. She couldn't claim to be someone else even though she knew that it would have been better for her. So, with an ever-building sense of dread that threatened to strangle her Kimiko raised her hands up one more time.

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