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((Dot's spirit manifested.))

She didn't like being awake during the night. She enjoyed sleeping and night was the perfect moment to do that. There were no obligations such as a schedule - other than a sleeping one, though - and she didn't need to worry about anything else then getting some shut-eyes.

Her body also didn't like being awake at night. It felt sluggish, especially after the workout that was stabbing Iz a couple of time in the head. She found herself out of breath by moments due to her charge. Her sword was tightly gripped and slid alongside of her. Even it looked easy to wield, the weight was dragging the girl down.

She considered dropping it a couple of time. She had a knife: what she needed to kill someone easily along with her taser. While the sword was annoying, it was a necessity. Someone could think about attacking her and they would, perhaps, back away when they saw the blade she carried.

Or maybe it would be the head of Iz hanging near the ground while Dot dug her fingers into her hair. She wasn't sure yet.

She thought about Jae. He would be happy about seeing Iz's head. He would probably be happy for Dot too and they will be friends again. That's what will happened in any case. Jae hated Iz and now Jae will love Dot and they will be friends again.

She entered the cafeteria. There were leftovers of something blocking the doors. People were obviously staying in there or they were until they decided to leave and leave the entry opened. She didn't like that. It was something odd.

Why did they leave? Where did they go? What made them decide this place wasn't safe anymore and left it? She couldn't answer any of the questions so she just bit her the inside of her cheek. She felt anxiety in her chest. She sidestepped and laid her back against a wall.

Already better.

She felt dumb. She had gotten lost inside the asylum and she didn't know where she was. Well, she knew she was inside and somewhere where people used to eat but she didn't know we're exactly she was.

She laid her sword against the wall, her finger still digging against the monster's head. Her bloodied fingers dug blindly inside her bag until she found something in the shape of a cylinder. He pulled out the flashlight and pointed it toward the inside of the building.

She pressed the button after some searching.

The light made her see more clearly the tables and the seats. There was nothing wrong. Apart from the black mass laying below a table, its eyes sparkling back at her. The sight sent chills down her back and she could do nothing but scream.

And dropping the flashlight, shattering it into a million splinters.
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