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A detour into the asylum sounded fine with her. It was right next to the bell tower, so getting supplies over wouldn't be any trouble at all. The only thing that was an uncertainty as far as the posters went was what to write on them. Lili figured that she'd let everyone else take over that responsibility. To be honest with herself, it just felt good to see no major disagreements among them. Her inner feelings of hope and blind optimism projected onto those around her - it was if the curtains finally matched the drapes.

Was it far to call it optimism? She knew that there would be trouble at the tower. Someone would come along, ruin their big day, and Lili would have to step in and put her foot down. She knew that she might die there, or anywhere really - death was always at the back of her mind. So it wasn't optimism, then. It was more like....

...Apathy. As if the only way to beat Spiderland was to stop caring what it did to you. To let it pick you over and scoop out your insides. It could dissect you at any moment, study you, see exactly what made you tick. The key to enlightenment, so to speak, seemed to be to face all that down and shrug. She thought back to one of the books she had to read last year for school. Something was there, something that fit how she felt quite well. At the very least, she remembered what it was about. Lili vaguely remembered reading in that book about a humanitarian catastrophe of some kind, a firebombing toward the end of World War II. A topic she thought got way too much attention, compared to all the other stuff she'd read about. There was just so much more cool stuff to research, like, say, the Sino-Japanese Wars. Now those were interesting.

As Lili nodded her head up and down, only half-listening to what her friends had to say about their plans, she mulled it all over in her head; did she really just not care, or was there something else bubbling beneath the surface? Could she care enough to find out?


Lili poked her cheek with her index finger, lightly stabbing at it with her nail. She couldn't concentrate on any one thought, so she figured she might as well stop trying to.

"What are we waiting for, then?" she asked, putting on a soft and sweet tone of voice, "We could head over now, easily. Unless you guys want to stay here a little while, which is cool, I guess."
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