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Better, but not quite enough. As if she wasn't sick and tired of it all too. As if she didn't just watch the entire room die around her too. As if she didn't have friends dead or dying.

They were both being self-centered asshats, but at least Amanda was aware of it. But it wasn't like she had any right to complain.

"Right." The words were almost sincere. But did he really want to die? Or was it just a delusion due to all that had been happening around them?

"I don't think it's rest at all. Did you hear Will? There's still regrets, things you want done even when you're dead. " And someone needed to do it. She needed to go. She needed to find her group before something happened to them.

But she didn't go. Not yet. Maybe because there was a chance that Jon was about to off himself the moment she left. Maybe because she just didn't want his death to be another one on her own conscience. Because she didn't was already scared of the oncoming idea of her own name being read out across the island when morning came and that she'd feel doubly scared if she thought she'd have to hear it twice.

But if she wasn't going just yet, then what next? Was she going to stay here with his awkward pessisism, and the pile of dead bodies in the room?

There must be something she could do. But she didn't really know first aid. She could help out with sprains, cuts, maybe. Not whatever this was. And yet, it was all she could do for now.

"Look, if you need help, I'll try to help patch you up." Antiseptic and bandages were something she could try. It wouldn't end up looking pretty, but it would do. "I really don't mind leaving if you want me to though."
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