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Lily could not wait. Well, ain't that great. The girl had the gall to sass Fiyori. Though, if it was true, and Isabel and Lily happened to be - she hardly dared to say the word, or think it - friends, that little bit of sass could be forgiven.

Barely, but...

Fiyori jaunted around the corner and picked up the bag. One thing after the other; the sickle had been placed on her belt, while her glasses clinged to the rim of her poncho. Stomach hurt a bit too, but that was easy to ignore given the cut in her face.

She let out a grunt, but returned to Lily uninterrupted. There was a brief moment, where Fiyori doubted her actions. Then she saw the bag Lily placed in the room, presumably for Scout and Fiyori to use. Fiyori placed her own next to it. Blood dripped on it.

"So? What was that thing between you and Isabel?" Fiyori paused, thought about something and then grinned. "Were you fucking?"
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