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escaping the real world to face reality
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The rhetoric of reality. Oh, Scout was really doing it. Time to grow up and face reality. That's what this was all about, right? Time for you to learn what a harsh, cruel world you live in, time to learn that if you're not harsh and cruel right back you'll be a victim.

Asuka clenched her fists. How dare she, how dare she tell Asuka of the nature of reality. Because her worldview's so fucking objective. Because of course reality only really consists of the universe where you eat, kill, fuck, and die, and when you strip it all down until all you're left with is the core everything else is just window dressing. That's what's real to Scout, huh?

What Asuka's thinking probably goes without saying, but let's not leave it as something to be assumed, let's make a special occasion for this thought: Fuck her.

She didn't really feel better for doing that, though. Asuka rolled her shoulders back, tried to let out the tension. Breathe in, out. It wasn't helpful or meaningful to feel angry about something like this.

Audrey. She'd said her name was Audrey. She was talking to Asuka.


No. As much as she'd like to think so, she hadn't done anything for Audrey.

"Really, I just couldn't stand her anymore..."

She sighs.

"Sorry it all went down like that."

A question, now.

"Not really much that works out well between us, so probably not, I guess."

A gesture at Alvaro's body: "Were you...close?"

It feels insensitive to ask, but this was the kind of thing Asuka had to know.
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