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“I can’t wait,” Lily muttered under her breath to Fiyori. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to explaining herself. There was no real explanation she could give. And the only reason she had to explain herself to Fiyori at all was because Fiyori could murder her.

Lily opened the door a little more, watching the other two. Scout stopped and picked up that big saw thing Noah had. She stopped a while at Noah. Probably knew him.

Then again, it was likely everyone who’d entered this corridor—dead or alive—had known someone Isabel killed. But that’s what she got for rampaging around like the moron she was.

Lily looked at Isabel’s body, and a quick smile tugged at the corners of her lips again before she forced her face back into a neutral expression. She turned and headed into the room she and Isabel had been in before Noah interrupted them.

She didn’t say anything once she was in there. She just grabbed the strap of Isabel’s ridiculously full bag, and dragged it a couple of steps before letting go, sitting in plain sight so that the others could access whatever was inside easily. Then Lily sat down, same spot she’d been a few minutes ago, and waited.
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