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“Uh, no, not off of the top of my head. I move around a lot. If you told them to go to a place I’d probably accidentally, like, stand them up or something.”

Part of him was kinda bummed that Alba was leaving. Sure, there were the not so great parts of it - he’d threatened her a couple times over the course of the conversation, not really the ideal way to treat a lady - but she’d done a bit for him. She reminded him that Fiyori existed. She’d allowed him to help solidify a couple of things in his head, give him that definate of how he was going to go forward. She’d given him something to do other than poke his bruises while he roasted on this bridge waiting for Hazel and Jordan to show up. Those were good things. Those were positives to the conversation. Those were the reasons he was feeling a lot more positive about coming out of this conversation than how he felt about it going in.

He supposed all good things had to come to an end, though.

Well, honestly all things really, but he supposed the good parts deserved emphasis here.

Maybe in a better world he’d be able to see her again.

Hopefully, at least.

“If you meet up with Fiyori again though can you say hi to her for me? I’d sorta appreciate that.”
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