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And… they just left. Well, that was… probably better than the alternative, but now Clarice just felt weird about throwing stuff at him. Maybe he just happened to be splattered in blood—okay no that sounded stupid no matter how she phrased it. Well, good riddance, then.

What wasn’t good riddance, however, was that her flashlight was now somewhere in the water and she had no idea where.


Clarice started sloshing around in the water—which was starting to make her feet feel way too chilly—hoping that she’d bump her flashlight with her foot. It was only then that she realised, oh right, there was another guy in the room with her still. Maybe. She’d kind of lost track through all the other sloshing.

“Hey! Hidey guy, whoever you are! You mind turning on your light or something? I mean, I kinda know you’re there already.”
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