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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben was definitely slow, to clarify, also generally in mind and body but specifically now to speak.

"... Like Lili said, preferably we don't even need to use a warning shot." Ben didn't think it was so likely that they'd be so blessed with peace, but well. He'd been proven wrong before, innumerable times and ways. "And yeah," Ben nodded in the singular Kizi's way. "Physique only has so much to do with it. Wear the right stance and you'll be a guntoter as good as the rest of them." Some of the island's most loathsome were only a step up from tiny tots themselves. Probably still taller than Ben himself.

"One gun should be enough, in shifts."

Ben liked that Kizi had used 'we', and hopefully not in the royal. It was a good sign. 'We' were armed. Fuck, now of all times he finally had himself a good old blood, sweat, salute piece of gun somehow.

He watched the others as frankly as he dared. Not much in the way of smiles on his end, but the others had enough good looking smiles to make up for it. Shit just felt better when the environs mood was more proactive, in your face about it's probably naive optimism.

"Arts and crafts, huh? Now that's a throwback." Ben cracked his brittle bones at the wrists. Fingers next, right on the knuckles. Had to be prepared if the near future would be putting something to his grasp, be it pen or be it sword. "A quick stop to scavenge the asylum might be easier than doubling back. We know for sure the asylum wasn't set on fire."
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