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He said it.

He did it.

And really, things had worked out when he said it, for the most part. She didn’t seem to mind much that he was the killer they rewarded, which he supposed was good. Meant that she wasn’t going to judge him. Meant that it was likely that people might be fine with that fact in the future. Meant that he wasn’t likely to get fucking shot right now, which honestly was probably the best thing that he could have hoped to happen. There was a question posed, there was sort of a judging tone within it, although honestly he could just be misinterpreting her tone. That was also a valid thing that could happen. Jeremy wouldn’t be surprised if it happened, at the very least.

Point was: she asked him a question. He should probably answer it.

“Well, I wouldn’t call a couple of them ‘friends,’ but yeah, they’re people I wanna meet so ideally I don’t really want you to kill them. Or, uh, Fiyori too. There’s probably a bunch other people I’m forgetting but I’ll try not to judge you if something happens with them, I guess?”
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