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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout barely registered that one girl making off with Isabel's head. A corpse is a corpse, and she had better things to worry about such as the gaping wound in her side and Lily Caldwell. The sight of a girl tearing somebody's head off might have grossed Scout out but, well, Scout was kind of zoning out. In hindsight she had been stupid to zone out like that but whatever. Focus on the present.

She narrowed her eyes at Lily, leaning the weight of her body on the soles of her feet. Isabel screamed her name before dying, and Lily just so happened to be close to where Isabel died. And quite fucking frankly, she was pretty sure there was only one Lily on this rock of an island.

Lily's name was not on Scout's list, but that sure as hell did not exonerate her either.

She glanced at the senior. Clearly the two of them were on the same chapter but two different pages. Scout was tired though, and at least there was someone who was full of questions too.

So instead of questioning Lily, Scout turned her back to her which was an incredibly stupid thing to do in hindsight. She gave a passive nod to Lily, or the senior, or no one in particular, before going straight to Noah's prone corpse. She got down on her knees, made sure she wasn't sitting in the boy's blood.

Scout did not know Noah all that well. Hell, she only met the guy a few days ago. But she still learned plenty about him in that short amount of time, not in terms of hobbies and shared interests and that kind of shit but of character. Noah struck her as an upstanding dude, the sort of person who always had a joke to lighten the mood. He was, as Scout's Nana would say, a kind soul. A kind soul who Scout would have written off as some jokester if they met anywhere other than this shithole. That was the part that burned Scout the most; circumstances made it easier for her to connect with some guy she barely knew.

Part of her wished she met him back home.

Every other part burned with indignant rage. Because those same circumstances brought Noah and Isabel together. And Isabel killed Noah. Noah screamed while she was killing him. Scout was glad that she was lucky enough not to see what Isabel did to him.

... There's an Irish prayer that Scout's Nana always quoted.

" Death is nothing at all. It does not count. You have only slipped away into the next room.
Everything remains as it was. Nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting, when we meet again. "

Something like that.

Scout did not believe in a god. She used to, when she was a stupid kid. Still, it made her feel better, the burning in her side notwithstanding.

She was preparing to stand up when she turned her head and caught sight of the sawblade slinger. Of course she did not remember that name. All she knew was that he called it Sawlaska Thunderfuck. She hesitated, gauging whether it would be wise to let go of her wound. Well, Lily was offering to patch her up. And Scout had a gun so...

Fuck it. She shrugged her bag off of her shoulder, took Sawlaska and shoved it, him, her, she wasn't sure, into her bag. She'd figure it all out later when her torso wasn't swelling like a sonofabitch.
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