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"Yeah posters might be a... bit hard to come by."

Penelope tapped her chin absentmindedly, eyes darting around the room between the various occupants. "The bell tower though..."

She smiled, her excitement growing even stronger. "I was thinking we could go there too! At least we were planning on going there after we found Johnny but..." She shook her head, quieting her anxiety. "I'm sure he's okay, though. And maybe if we head to the bell tower and start making a big fuss, he might show up!" She said, her voice tinged with its usual constant hope. "And then if we get a large enough group together then maybe..."

Her eyes cast downwards, her speech stopping as she remembered her dream the other day. "...who knows. Maybe my dumb plan of essentially peacefully protesting ourselves into oblivion won't ever have to come into play. Maybe nobody else will have to die."

She curled her arms together, resting them on her lap as she reflexively brought her knees slightly upward. Her thoughts strayed towards Kimiko, to Alessio, to that Isabel girl. Could she really convince people who already took the plunge to come back from that? Even people she knew and trusted decided to kill. Even seemingly reasonable people like Kimiko weren't above killing someone as sweet as Cristo. How could they possibly be brought back from that?

More importantly, what would she do if she couldn't manage it?

Her voice quieted down, remaining barely above a whisper. "Maybe... maybe not, though."
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