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From behind the chair, Ben listened to the events unfolding. First, another person arrived. They said hi. Ben felt like his heart dropped into his stomach - alone, there had been a flimsy chance of Ben dodging past them or hitting them with his boot or something. With two of them, even that was gone. Then the girl - and it was a girl, Ben could hear that now - guessed that the other person talking meant it wasn't a trap.

So she wasn't with the other person, and had been afraid of a trap herself. Ok. That made him feel a little better.

Then someone turned on a flashlight, lighting the the chair and its surroundings. Ben winced, took a sudden breath and instinctively threw his left hand in front of his eyes. If he hadn't been seen before, he could be seen now, he thought. But the light moved away without further comment from the girl or the other person, and then, just as suddenly, turned off. Something was about to happen, and they knew he was there. Ben scrambled to his feet and--
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