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Brendan's answer was for the short term. Maxim was okay with that now. It didn't seem like Brendan had been thinking as much over the inevitability they all faced as Maxim had, but then again he liked Brendan and did not want him to have to think like that. It was necessary, but not a state of normalcy. He had his own people, Maxim had his. Eight they made, including Fiyori. Together, they could do anything, or at least that's what Maxim wished. What kind of anything could they get up to on an island like this?

But either way, it was something. And having something was better than going forward unprepared and unawares.

"That sounds like something I can get behind."

Regardless of how futile it all seemed, Maxim was going to trust Brendan. At this point there couldn't have been much more than half of the student body left alive, and their survival, and the survival of the ones they had traveled with, had to have meant something.

Something. What did that word even mean anymore?

"Would you lead the way? You know this island much better than I do."

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued elsewhere))
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