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Did Jeremy buy what Alba was saying about Brendan?

No. Not really.

Like, there was nothing particular about it, it was just too weird a story. Too hard to believe. She was probably right about Bernadette, if she was there for it, but Jeremiah was too weird a case. It was possible Brendan was lying. It was probably a case that Brendan would go up to the moral high ground and say how it was so wrong that he did it and how it was the worst thing he ever did, but that didn’t really disprove Jeremy’s point. Point was: he was pretty sure Brendan was lying to Alba when he said that to her, and that wasn’t good for him. Maybe. He thought. He could be wrong. No real way of telling. He supposed he'd just act like he bought the story she was saying, at least for now.

“Yeah. I get you. I’m sorta thinking things in the same way, so…”

Silence hung, for a few moments.

“Anything else you wanna ask me?”
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