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Fiyori was, to put it both blunt and brief, very overwhelmed.

At her feet, three corpses littered the ground. The new girl, some junior girl who came out of nowhere earlier, went town on Isabel's ass. Or like, went town on her head. Fiyori turned to watch it for a seconds, mouth agape. She chose, partly for the sake of her sanity, not to watch any further. Then, there was Noah. She liked him, and to see him dead was kinda sad - in an abstract way. There was also Alan, and she had fuck idea where he came from. Alan... she wasn't close to him. He stuck his dick in her once, but aside from that there was no shared ground. Still...

There was the sickle to take care off. There was the fact that she had to find her glasses - again - and there was still the need for medical treatment. Fiyori knew she'd better get her wound patched up quickly, short life expectancy be damned.

Then there was, of course, Lily.

It was all a bit much, all a bit much to reach to and a bit much to feel about.

Fiyori was done with feelings for that day.

"Ah, thanks." She said, when Scout approached and gave her the glasses. Got that one taken care off fairly easily after all. The glasses were smeared by someone's blood, but they seemed otherwise fine.

"Alright Lily. I got a fuck-ton of questions. Stay put while I get my bag and then... I'll take you up on that offer."
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