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Lily watched Dot mangle Isabel's head until it separated entirely from her body. The pale, regretful feeling didn't leave, but it did simmer down some as she watched.

It didn't do much for her, though. At this stage Isabel was basically a bag of meat. If she couldn't scream, then what was the point?

Dot left and took what remained of the head with her. Stepping over Noah like he wasn't there at all.

...Okay, then.

But now there were the remaining two. Fiyori and Scout. Neither girl was particularly close to her. She had talked to Fiyori in a store once? And Scout was in her grade but wasn't all that social.

The important thing was that they had weapons, and had shown a clear willingness to use them.

Lily slowly crouched and put the sword down, then raised her hands.

"I, uh..."

The two girls both looked pretty bloody.

"I got more first aid than I would ever be able to use in here, sooo..."

Not as if Isabel was here to take her supplies back, after all.

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