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''I won't step on them, don't worry. That'd be like... really rude.''

She told the girl who just caressed Iz's body. Maybe she was her friend before her death and she was trying to stop her. Probably danced together along Asha. She had a nasty cut on her face and Dot saw her bright blue eyes constracting with her dark skin.

Oh, it was Fiyori. She was just weird, that's all.

Dot lowered herself on Iz's level, literally and figuratively. She reached out for the KABAR combat knife. As if she was about to touch something burning, her fingers coiled back to defend themselves. She wondered is Asha would be okay with this, taking the weapon that caused her death. She wondered if Asha was okay with Dot killing Iz.

She shallowed hard and jabbed the knife away. It was back in her possession, she would keep it as long as she lived. Maybe as a reminder of her killing Iz or as another memento of Asha or maybe just as a weapon, but she would keep it safe and sound.

Then her attention diverted toward the body of Iz. She was messed up. Missing fingers, holes in her chest, soaked with blood. Bitch had it coming but it still looked very painful. The kind of death Dot wouldn't wish on her worse enemies but Iz deserved it.

Was she really dead? It seemed like she was just sleeping, or faking to be, and covered in fake blood and muck. It looked like she could just open up her eyes and twitch back to life and kill more. Dot bit her lips. Even she repeated herself continuously Iz was dead, she still felt like she was alive.

Dot laid her sword beside the monster's body. Her hands meticulously wrapped around her mouth and forced it open. If she was faking, she was a great actress. She slowly raised her hand wielding the knife and stared in the abyss that was Iz's mouth. Then she started stabbing.

She felt the teeth collide with the blade. Tink, tink, tink. It was like to blade hitting each other, as if Dot was knocking ustensils together. She started slowly. Carefully hitting the back of the throat. Again and again and again. She started seeing red and her movements started to become more erratic, swinging wildly at the girl.

Her cheeks were cut, her lips looked like the sides of a steak, her tongue was teared apart and her teeth were barely hanging. But Dot continued, hitting again and again the girl's mouth her blade. Cutting her face below the nose until she saw the muscles then the nerves then bones.

She threw the knife to the side and sat on the chest of Iz. She stared at her work. She grabbed the upper part of her face and pushed. Her head, above her chin, came off. It wasn't connected to the body anymore. She couldn't be alive.

Dot sighed happily and smiled. She was hypnotised by her work. She felt glee seeing that Iz was finally dead and she couldn't hurt anybody.

''Don't look at me like that, staring is rude.''

She said to the vacant eyes of Iz as she hold her by her black hair.

''You are lucky that people found you first. I would have make you beg for death.''

She took her knife and wiped the blade on Iz's forehead. She put it in her bag secured under her arm, resting in-between the porno and her escrima sticks. She grabbed her sword with her right hand and stood up. The deed was done.

She looked at the girl with a gun. The girl who almost shot her to kill Iz. Next time she would see her, she would probably shoot her first and take her gun. She could have died right there and she wouldn't have seen the girl's death.

''What are you looking at?''

She smiled and stepped over a blond boy's body.

((Dot's interlude was over.))
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