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Brendan was sure that Fiyori was right about Alba being able to take care of herself. He believed that she could protect herself. Although, he felt like he owed Alba for defending him against Jae the other day. He just felt uneasy and a little scared of being separated from her. He didn't want to think that he was the clingy type, just the type that is determined to make sure that his remaining friends were safe. The next thing that he knew was that Fiyori was going by herself to look for Alba and then she set up a location for them to meet up at. He honestly didn't want to go back to the crematorium but he needed to as he wanted to see his friends again. He didn't even get a chance to say anything to Fiyori as she walked away from him and Maxim.

Then Maxim was asking him about what they should do. Brendan was a little surprised by being asked. He wasn't the guy to normally lead the way, he was more of a follower. But right now, he had to change that for the better. He couldn't hide away or run away from his problems anymore. He had to do something good for a change. He couldn't continue to make mistakes.

He glanced down at Maxim with a serious stare. "I think that we should get moving ourselves. We have to go and look for anyone who can help us out without attacking us and I would like to look for Alba, Jonathan and Candice. I have to make sure that they are okay. I want to help you look for Ben and then we can head for the crematorium like Fiyori suggested." He paused for a moment. "How does that sound to you, Maxim?"

Alba was honestly his top priority at the moment. He didn't want to lose her. She was more understanding than anyone else right now. She was basically his voice of reason, his rock, his.... girlfriend...?

Stop thinking about her like that, Brendan. You will make sure to hug her once you see her again....
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