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The gunshot woke Johnny from his stupor.

He hadn't fallen asleep or any of that. Johnny had simply looked for a tree, sat down at it's roots and let time pass by. The few words the girls had to exchange weren't meant for him. None of their actions were meant for him. Whether Johnny were present or not, it would've made no difference.

So he become like the garden. Part of the background. Part of the scenery. It allowed him to watch. If he wanted. He didn't, though. His eyes rested on what the girls were doing - on Rene slowly dying - but even calling that process 'watching' implied a sort of agency which Johnny did not possess.

When Blaire left, Johnny moved again.

The pain in his hand had not subsided, though it had not gotten worse. He considered that a plus for the moment. As for Rene, Johnny gave her on last look. Then he decided that the place really sucked, and moved on.

[[Johnny McKay, continued elsewhere]]
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