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Lili was surprised that Penelope had been following a similar line of thinking. Not particularly because of the thought and who it was coming from, but from the circumstance alone. She mentioned escape, which reminded Lili of Darius. Which reminded her of wasted time. That managed to kill her enthusiasm a little bit, enough to be appropriately apologetic about Raina losing Johnny. Kizzy and Penelope talked about more of the plans, and Lili sat and nodded along. She was liking where this was going. Then, at some point, Ben pointed to Kizzy's gun, and Lili felt a bit quieter again.

"I mean, hopefully we never need to shoot it," Lili said optimistically.

It went without saying. Not only would it probably result in someone getting hurt if they had to shoot the gun, but it would also be very loud. People would hear the noise, and stay away from their safe space, or even worse, the wrong people would come over to check it out. More people to shoot. Lili didn't want that. She'd had enough of corpses.

She didn't quite feel like she had much else to contribute, so she pulled a bottle of water from her bag and took a few sips. What were Kizzy and Penelope talking about? Locations?

"We could try the bell tower," Lili said, "We'd have a good vantage point, a distress signal if things were going to shit, and we wouldn't have to fight our way out of a building if we were made into a danger zone."

Lili paused and took another sip of water.

"I dunno 'bout posters though."
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