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"Uh. Hi?"

Ben jerked his head back behind the chair. Had they seen him? They knew he, or someone, was here, but did they know they were behind the chair? Could they even see the chair in the darkness?

Or did they really know anyone was there, or were they only testing? Should he answer? If... if they searched the room, they would find him anyway. But then he might lose the element of surprise. Like that would help him in a fight.

This wasn't like with Noah and Hannah. If he got spotted here, and they weren't friendly, he couldn't just run. The only thing that might scare them was... was bluffing. Lying. Like with the girl with the eye-patch. But what if they didn't believe him? He wasn't good at lying. Lying was wrong... usually. Unless it kept him alive. That wasn't wrong.

He started to say "Stay back! I'm armed!", but the fear of revealing himself tightened his throat, causing only his lips to move. He tried again, but the same thing happened.

So instead, he said nothing.
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