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Fiyori Senay. She sounded familiar, but Maxim couldn't place her. Her thesis statement for the situation they found themselves in was certainly interesting, though. Kill someone for someone who's died. The fact that this solution involved death answering for more death seemed like something that should have gone against Maxim's own creed, but his own curiosity overrode that. It was certainly something.

But that wasn't even the most interesting thing that had come out of either of their mouths. Brendan said that two people were dead because of him. It was such an ambiguous wording. Because of him. Did he kill them? Maxim hadn't even bothered to note who had appeared in the announcements - after the first one, it was all far too much to remember. But those words could have meant anything. Did he murder them in cold blood? Did they die because he abandoned them? What was going on here? He could have been a little bit clearer, Maxim wasn't the master of reading between the lines.

And then they discussed Alba, who was apparently supposed to be with them, but wasn't. Alba. Now Maxim remembered her. She was Brendan's date to the dance. She had occupied herself while Brendan and Maxim kissed unknown to her. And then the black girl walked off to look for her. And then it was just Brendan and Maxim alone on those docks, nobody but the body of the boy Maxim had burgled.

He looked up to the other boy.

"So what shall we do, Brendan?"

Much like Brendan's own statements about the other dead teenagers, Maxim meant for that to be as open ended as it came. Did he mean what should they do in the immediate moment, or what should they do further on down the line? That was all up for Brendan to decide.

And Maxim would agree with it, whatever it was.
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