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It might've been the gunshot. It might've been something wholly in her head. But all of a sudden Fiyori heard a crack, saw a blinding white, and thought she was not Fiyori anymore. It must have happened when Isabel kicked her. From that point forward, Fiyori was just there. She saw the blood on her skin trickling down on the floor. She saw herself fighting back and stabbing Isabel once more.

She saw Isabel dying. Laying down on the floor, pleading, and trying her best to provoke the party's pity.

None of that seemed real. It was as if someone picked Fiyori up, and threw her on the center stage of a hyper-realistic theater production. All of it, all the pain and hatred, seemed very convincing. And yet, it was also obvious that it was not real?

Fiyori found herself stalking towards Isabel, squatting down above her and placing her hands on Isabel's temples. For three seconds and a tiny bit, Fiyori tried to squash her head in. Tried to increase pressure, push it together hard enough that Isabel's head would just collapse into herself.

Then she stopped trying. Then she touched Isabel's forehead with her own. Then her own fingers began to comb through Isabel's hair instead. She breathed shallow and high-cadenced, Isabel did not breath at all.

The pain in her face returned - or really, just become apparent - with a burning sensation across the slash. Fiyori rose from her position, and while looking at Scout and whatshername, she adjusted her gla-

"Oh fuck. Not again. Alright, do me the favor guys and try not to step on my glasses."

Fiyori turned around, taking a step forward. She had intended to get to her own bag, and patch herself up. When she noticed Lily, she stopped immediately.
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