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Jon tried to sit up, but he was nearly overcome with nausea as he tried. If he had actually eaten anything in the last few days, he probably would have puked already. He clutched his throbbing skull, blood seeping through his fingertips as he tried to remember what it felt like to be alive.


Was this what being alive felt like? Wasn't this. That vision he saw. He saw the other side and that felt more like being alive than now. Being alive was... last night, before Alex. It was the one time he was alive since he'd been on his island.

Now... Now he wasn't. But he wasn't dead either, that would've worked out too well. It was an inbetween. Some sort of fucked up purgatory.

He looked towards Amanda, she was... pretty pissed about him-

Aw shit.


Everyone's pretty much bailed on him except for Michael. Michael was dead, now. Nobody's actually stayed with him or really cared about him, and the first person who did, he blamed them for his problems. Amanda was one of the only people who actually showed some form of care for him. Not the 'pretend I'm sorry' care that Brendan did.

"I- I'm sorry... I thought..."

He really didn't know what he was thinking... There were still good people here. It wasn't over yet. Not even halfway over really.

"Everyone I cared about is dead... Now the people who killed them are too... I just- I just don't know what's left I can do."

He tried to stand up, his peripheral vision breaking into pink and black stars, his balance distorted by the forced 'tunnel vision' he was experiencing.

"I just thought I deserved some rest too... Everyone else I knew got it."
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