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The answers Alba gave were pretty standard. Possibly. Most likely. Kimiko had killed again after Alba had seen her, and according to her, Min-jae was apparently not exactly being very nice right now. The former didnít really give him that much to note. Kimiko killed four people. That wasnít really a good thing. Sheíd taken out Nancy, though, and he hadnít really seen anything that confirmed whether she was a threat to him or not. Itíd be something heíd try to figure out, though. If he met her and she didnít try to stab him or anyone else, then thatíd be great. Min-jae, however, was a bigger problem. Apparently he was going to try and do it again, which wasnít good. Not for Jeremy, not for his goals.

And not good for Hazel or Jordan either. They mentioned something about him. Wanting to see him. If he was going to try and do it again, then that wasnít good for either of the other two.

But Jeremy had his gun, though.

And it he had to use it, then so be it.

The last thing she said, though, confused him. She didnít know who the third person he was talking about was. DId she not know? Did she refuse to believe it or something? Jeremy wasnít sure, but he figured that itíd be best to say so. For the sake of full disclosure, or something like that.

ďIím talking about Brendan.Ē

Wait, was that rude? It probably was. She was apparently friends with him (somehow), it probably wasnít very nice to say Ďoh, Iím thinking that he might kill his third.í


It was possible.

Still, best to explain.

ďI mean, like, given that youíre with him you probably have a better idea on what heís like than I do, but I dunno. All Iíve heard is that he killed two people who werenít killers themselves. That probably means heíll do it again, and I donít really like that.Ē
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