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Lily had spent their time together trying to figure out how anyone could be like Isabel was. How that sort of person could even exist, and do the things she did while grinning all the while. Lily had never understood it.

But now? Watching Isabel die slowly and painfully?

Suddenly, Lily understood. Because watching Isabel sob and gurgle and plead with her for help...

That felt satisfying. Lily had never felt better.

Lily didn’t move. She didn’t even try to help Isabel in the same way she’d tried to help Lizzie. Isabel deserved to die as slow and painfully as possible. Lily stood in the doorway, lowered her sword, and she watched Isabel plead with a wide, gleeful smile that was unfamiliar and made her cheeks hurt.

And then Isabel was dead, and rather abruptly Lily had two regrets.

The first was that it hadn’t lasted longer.

The second was that she hadn’t done anything to bring this about. And that second regret flooded over her as abruptly as a tidal wave. What had all this been for? She’d meant to avenge Tina. She'd meant to be the one to do this, so that she had a reason for all this. And she'd done nothing.

The smile had left her face, and Lily had gone very pale. She didn’t move. She just watched the blood leak from Isabel, and nevermind the bodies. Or the living, armed people that remained.
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