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Rene gingerly shifted her position as the laid in the garden, letting her head rest in the dirt. She wouldn't usually be comfortable with doing something so obviously filthy, but she had long since discovered that she was willing to compromise her idea of comfort when the situation demanded it. She felt her arm acting up again, trying her best to ignore it and inevitably failing when she felt it stiffen.

She nodded slowly in response to Blair's apology. "Don't worry about it." She paused and took a moment to catch her breath. "You didn't do anything. Thanks, though." Her eyes were starting to water. She wasn't sure whether it was from the pain or because she was getting emotional. She had experienced just about every emotional reaction aside from crying so far, so she couldn't count out that possibility.

Rene yawned. She was starting to feel really tired, probably a side effect of the venom. She blinked, letting a couple of tears break free and roll across her face. She could feel her eyes quickly getting heavier. Despite this, she still kept her eyes on Blair. She wanted to tell her friend something, let her know that she felt like resting her eyes, but her mouth felt like it was locked shut.

Her eyes closed, her pain faded, and Rene fell into a very deep sleep.
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