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The last couple hours had not been kind to Rene. Her bite had worsened significantly, to the point that most of her palm had turned red and begin to swell. She couldn't curl her fingers anymore without feeling a shock all the way up her arm and down her back, so she mostly left that arm limp, moving it as little as possible.

These past few days with Blair had been the longest time she had ever spent with anyone outside of her own family, and for the most part, it had sucked. However, the only parts she could pick out that didn't suck had involved Blair and Noah. If they hadn't been around, then this whole ordeal would have been even more miserable than it already was. So really, she had them to thank for pretty much every even slightly positive emotion she had felt at any point during the past week.

She turned to Blair in response to her inquiry. "Oh, you know. I've been better." She grinned and laughed a bit, although her hearty chuckles had become a tired, wheezy guffaw at this point. She felt exhausted at this point, but didn't want to make Blair worry any more than she probably already was. Unfortunately, she had a pretty good feeling that she wasn't doing a particularly good job of acting. Looks like theater club experience couldn't overcome spider venom.

She felt a strong surge in her shoulder, causing her to visibly tense her arm and back for a good few seconds before relaxing once more. Those spasms had become more common and intense as time went on, and they were pretty impossible to hide by now. Once that incident cleared up, she tried to keep her conversation going, considering it was the closest thing to normalcy she could maintain.

"You holding up all right?"
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