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Isabel hit the ground hard after the shots impacted her chest, her knife clattering to the ground a few feet away.

The pain she had been experiencing seemed to dull itself, even as she had three new holes added to her torso, but breathing was difficult, and she could feel the pressure changing in her chest whenever she tried to gasp for air.

She had to stand up, get herself out of here, she had to survive. She pushed herself up, only to find herself falling back down again. Her legs wouldn't work. She couldn't even feel them.

A pathetic whine escaped her lips as she moved her arms forward, desperately trying to drag herself away from her assailants only to find herself staying in place, more and more of her blood leaking onto the ground below.

She felt cold.

"Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop!"

She found herself speaking, even as she could barely make out sounds in the world around her, or even the sounds of her own voice. "This... isn't... happening..." Her words were slurred, talking becoming difficult as blood filled her throat. "This is all a bad dream... I'm going to wake up... and everything will be okay... everyone will be alive... everything will go back to normal..."

A crimson shade coated the floor below her, as vague shadows darted across her vision. She coughed, a mouthful of blood escaping her lips, metallic liquid staining the skin around her mouth as it dripped onto the ground in front of her.

Tears weakly rolled down her face as the realization finally hit her.

She was dying.

She sniffled and choked, blood and snot dripping down the length of her nostrils. She wished that she was anywhere else other than where she was. She was afraid. She didn't want this. Not anymore. "I don't... I don't want to... die..." She muttered, in between sobs and fits of coughing. "Please... someone... help me..."

The girls that had attacked her. Maybe they would take pity on her now that she was in this sorry state. "I'm sorry... I-I'm so sorry... please- help... I'll be good... I-I promise..."

Suddenly she felt electricity coursing through the length of her body, muscles with deadened nerves roaring back to life and spasming in response to the shock. She tried to scream, only for a geyser of blood to erupt from her mouth, staining the floor crimson in a line in front of her face.

Her labored breathing quickened as the electricity stopped, her heart racing. Sweat beaded up on her skin, mixing with her blood as she struggled to remain awake, alive. They weren't going to help her. Someone else had to help her, someone...

Her oxygen starved mind briefly remembered that she had a friend. Someone she could rely on to help her.

"L-Lily!" She shouted to the best of her ability, the girl's name slurred and hushed by the weakening muscles in Isabel's tongue and chest. "Plea-se... help me... please!"

She heard mumbles in response, as feeling left her arms.

"I'm afraid," she sobbed, her tears and blood mixing on the floor below her face, her fear overwhelming every other thought.

"Pl-ease... I don't w-want to die..." Her sobbing grew more intense, as she choked out words in between mouthfuls of blood. "I'm so- scared... please... someone h-elp me..."

She lost feeling in her face.


A pained gurgle escaped her lips as she struggled for air, as she could no longer feel even her own breathing.


She stopped talking.

She stopped breathing.

She stopped.

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