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((Timeskip approved by Aura))

Time passed. Blair couldn't guess exactly how long, but it was probably around an hour or two.

It was hard for her, and probably worse for Rene. They sat around, making small talk, never really discussing much of anything. Watching Rene's condition deteriorate was incredibly stressful, and in the back of Blair's mind the question remained; could she do it?

The 'tagline' for SOTF only partly applied here; 'best friend' wasn't the word she'd use to describe Rene, not really. On the island, though, Rene was the person she'd been with the most, even more than Noah. They weren't friends before, but this whole situation changed that.

How ironic. A game made to destroy relationships could also forge new ones.

"How are you holding up?" Blair looked up from the seat she'd taken on a nearby bench. She was increasingly wary about the soil; given the spider that had caused all this, suffering the same fate would be incredibly unfortunate and also total bullshit. Rene didn't look so good, and Blair instinctively looked down at the Smith and Wesson she clutched at her side.
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