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Kimiko shook her head.

She knew who Alessio was but she hadn't seen him. There was no point trying to explain all of that however. There was a small feeling like she had let Vanessa down for not knowing where Alessio was. She knew he had been on the announcements but that wasn't to say they weren't friends and she wanted to find him. At the same time, she may have wanted to find him exactly because he had been in the announcements, maybe he had killed one of her friends and she wanted revenge for that.

It didn't matter though; Kimiko couldn't help her. She couldn't help anyone and she hadn't helped anyone since she had awoken on the island.

Leaning back on the tree, Kimiko appraised Vanessa. She didn't seem aggressive or even like she was armed for that matter. It meant Kimiko felt comfortable staying in the room. Her reasoning was that even if Vanessa was armed, she still had a gun, which was something that gave her an advantage in almost every scenario should think of. From the way things were going though it didn't look likely that the situation would escalate at all.

That was something she was glad for.

Kimiko didn't know if she could deal with anything like that with her mental state being the way it was.
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