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"...If you want."

Truth be told, Blair hadn't even considered that. Selfishness could certainly have been a motive in this situation. She got a gun, a bag of supplies to make up for her dwindling food and water, and, of course, a kill to ensure her release should she be the final survivor.

But it hadn't really come up until Rene said it. Blair wondered if that spoke of her virtue, or her idiocy. Was it more important to be pragmatic, take advantage of the situation? Or be the right person, even if it made your life potentially shorter.

Well, gee, that was the whole point, now wasn't it? She hit it on the nose there, really. Survival or morality, what do you pick? What did she pick? Well?

Blair looked at Rene, solemn in expression. "Do we need like a signal? Like, a 'do it' sort of thing?" The gun was limp in her hand, arm hanging at her side. She didn't need it yet.
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