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Rene nodded along with Blair. If nothing else, she was glad to see that they were in agreement.

"If you've gotta do it, then I want you to take my shit and run, all right?" She told her companion. "If it's not gonna be helping me, then I want it to keep you alive, all right?"

Her eyes fell to the ground for a moment as she considered the other reason she had for wanting Blair to do the deed. It was still for a good reason, but it sure would feel weird saying it out loud.

"Plus, they said you've gotta kill someone if you wanna get out, right?" She said in a softer tone, only just then reconnecting her eyes with Blair's. "If you take me out, then all you gotta do is stay alive from now on."

She winced as she felt another strong jolt of pain, this time making her arm twitch a bit. She wasn't sure whether it was a genuine muscle spasm or just a flinch, but either way it didn't give her confidence about her future.
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