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Truth be told, Blair hadn't seen much of Rene's Smith and Wesson. She'd been aware it existed, of course, but it never seemed to come up. In a way, Blair was glad; it gave their time together a little bit of brevity. Only once had Blair felt truly in danger, and even then this pistol hadn't been taken from its bag.

She visibly took a sharp breath as Rene presented her assigned weapon. The implication was all too clear; a quick death rather than a slow one, a single shot instead of slow decay from venom. She considered asking Rene to do it herself, but chose not to; for one, it might prove impossible if the poison got too advanced, and for another, it seemed unfair. To force someone to commit suicide because you were unwilling to help them in that dark task.

She took the gun into her hand, and examined it. She knew how guns worked, at least on principle; it needed to be loaded, taken off of safety, and the trigger would be pulled. The firearm was heavy for its size, fitting for the task at hand. Blair couldn't help but find it curiously apt. Then again, it was made of metal, so of course it was heavy.

She looked Rene in the eye, and put her free hand on Rene's shoulder, comforting as much as she could. Blair nodded, slowly.

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