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The situation was definitely not good. They were reduced to waiting to see if Rene died of a spider bite, with no option to prevent it if that was the case. Rene was wracking her brain prying to come up with something, occasionally being interrupted by surges of pain. No matter how much she tried to think it over, she couldn't come up with anything helpful.

... Well, there was one idea that she had, but she wasn't sure if Blair would like it too much.

"Hold on." She tried to assure Blair as she reached into her bag with her good hand. She rustled around until she felt a familiar metallic item on her fingers. "Hey I just wanna tell you that if I start to slip..." She took hold of it and pulled it out, revealing the gun. She held it by the barrel and extended the grip towards Blair.

"You know what I'm saying, right?"
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