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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba felt slightly disappointed that the guy said he checked the area Alba was planning to go, but hadn't seen Brendan nor Fiyori. She'd probably go just in case he missed them right when he left the area. But hey, even islands had their limits, so there had to be some point in which she'd discover them.

Knowing about Jonathan didn't help much either. They were near the Doctor's Offices yesterday, but they didn't see Jonathan. Then again, they were locked in a room and didn't check much of the surrounding area. It'd be tempting to find Jonathan, but Brendan and Fiyori were her priorities right now. They had to know about what happened with Kaitlyn, and they had to help her come to terms with what happened.

The guy then asked if she thought the three people would kill again. Alba nodded.

"Well, I guess," she said. "Kimiko has killed a lot of people since Bradley. Jae hasn't killed a lot, but if yesterday was any indication, then he'd probably kill again."

"Um, who's the third?"
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